Our Mission & Characteristics

University Vineyard Church:  A people being transformed by the presence of God.

  University Vineyard Church is a Christian community that aims to reveal Jesus Christ in our city by living like Jesus and doing the things Jesus did. University Vineyard Church is part of the Association of Vineyard Churches.  

A great way to get to know University Vineyard Church is to know our key family characteristics:


We believe that humanity’s great purpose is to worship God — to glorify Him and surrender all we are and do to Him.  The musical worship you see at the Vineyard Church is natural, intimate, culturally current, and spills over into everything we are and do as a community.
Everyone Gets To Play
We believe that followers of Jesus  Christ can and should be trained to play an integral role in the ministry of the resurrected Jesus Christ.
We value the individual.  People should be treated with respect and dignity.  We strive to avoid hype, theatrics, cheerleading or exploitation.  We believe in being naturally supernatural.
All followers of Jesus should form a dependent relationship with God that is natural, unforced and intimate.  Our desire to serve should spring from that.  We want to avoid a culture that is overly based on rules and obligation.
We believe that God is breaking into our age to advance His plan to redeem the world.  He dwells within the church by the Holy Spirit, who brings power to believers to do the things Jesus did, like healing, and deliverance.
We believe in planting new Vineyard congregations around the area. We send our members out to plant these communities.
The Bible

As evangelicals, we hold to the teachings of the Bible, and believe it to be a handbook for life